Not long ago, we reported on Tracy Morgan getting involved in a minor car crash with his brand new Bugatti. The famed comedian found himself in a fatality-free collision after his newly purchased Bugatti was sideswiped only minutes after he bought it off the lot. The passenger behind the wheel of the Honda CR-V which sideswiped Morgan’s car spoke out about the incident, claiming that she was not the one at fault. Moreover, she also had no idea who Tracy Morgan was and understood he was a celebrity from all the fans and paparazzi which swarmed around at the time of the collision. Nevertheless, we expected a hefty sum would result from the crash because of the involvement of Morgan’s high-end car. And new reports by TMZ are officially confirming our assumptions were right. 

According to TMZ, Tracy Morgan’s bumper, which was impacted by the crash, will cost a hefty $22K. That is along with the cost of the fender of the driver’s side quarter panel which is set at a $10K price. Of course, within these numbers, we are not even including the price underlying labor. Although police officers claim that the Honda driver is the one at fault here, we still have no details with regards to her insurance policy limits. Though we hope it is substantial otherwise she might have to make some serious sacrifices.