Since his release from prison earlier this year, DMX has been looking to pick up where he left off. With some new music on the way, including a reunion with longtime collaborator Swizz Beatz, all signs point to a full-fledged DMX comeback album by year’s end. Not only that, but the legendary rapper has officially kicked off his return to the acting world, having landed a lead role in the upcoming film Chronicle Of A Serial Killer. Today, TMZ has detailed X’s return to the set, including a few images of him decked out in costume; you can check out the picture right here

Mark Davis/Getty Images 

In Chronicle Of A Serial Killer, X is set to play a character named Detective White, the man tasked with tracking down the titular killer (played by Brendan Sexton). Interestingly enough, actor Michael Madsen was originally set to play White, but was dropped after being hit with a DUI arrest. As it happens, the casting director suggested DMX as a replacement, a move with which director Steve Stanulis endorsed to the fullest. As TMZ reports, Stanulis praised X’s versatility, claiming the rapper is “going to bring a different dynamic to the role.” 

The movie also stars Tara Reid, Eric Roberts, and Aly Mang, and while it’s unlikely this one will see a theatrical release, it’s still nice to see DMX once again getting back into the swing of things. Have you any interest in catching this one, once the filming process comes to an end? Perhaps DMX’s presence will bring a new set of eyes to the film, which may have otherwise flown under the radar. Keep it up, X!