Drake gets all of his jiggy-ness from his dad. Dennis Graham’s become a prominent figure in the music biz before having a son. Even as Drake’s surpassed him, Graham’s become a vital part of Drake’s brand. Graham recently sat down with ItsTheReal on their podcast where they chopped it up with Dennis G about everything from his famous son to working with some of the most influential artists of all time. Dennis explained how he and his wife, Drake’s mother Sandy, both knew something was special about him at a young age. “Drake was different,” Graham said. “I told my wife that Drake had that look and we should put him into doing modeling… We got his pictures done, got him an agent and there we go, he started working.”

Dennis Graham explained that he had already done acting in Canada and by the time Drake was 7-years-old, he already knew he wanted to be an actor as well.

“I went to Kohl’s and I started buying acting scenes,” Dennis explained. “We started reading, back and forth, taught him how to laugh. Taught him out to cry. Taught him how to smile. How to be happy, how to be sad,” he continued. “He had it. I knew he had it.”

By the time Drake was 9-years-old, he already got into Degrassi.

Peep the interview below with the Drake bit starting at the 45-min. mark.