Take one look at Kehlani‘s Instagram feed, will you? You’ll notice she’s taken to posting an assortment of stylish portraits, some solo, others in the company of her newborn baby. It’s come to my attention that Kehlani wasn’t merely shooting blank deposits. Collectively, the pictures are in essence a first look at the “2019 Summer Collection” of Kehlani’s new clothing line TSNMI.

“Although the Summer 2019 collection focuses on apparel and jewelry, future releases will include accessories, home goods, sportswear, and specialty items,” reads a press memo signed by TSNMI. “The brand will be defined by a rotating set of basics with additional, more exclusive, seasonal capsule drops throughout the year.”

The inaugural collection was conceived in part, as an homage to her newborn child Adeya Nomi. The photos at the center of it all were shot by Brick Howze under strict orders to convey a “West Coast” color set. Kehlani’s new apparel is set to launch in less than 48 hours, as an online exclusive for the time being. The online shop is slated to open its doors, no sooner than Wednesday, June 26 at 10 am Pacific time. Feel free to peruse the cached images as depicted on this page, and on the newly-formed webpage, specially set-up for the brand’s initial offering.