If you have yet to see Avengers: Endgame, perhaps you oughta steer clear from these here parts. Consider yourself warned. Now that that’s out of the way, we can safely discuss Marvel’s upcoming Black Widow movie, which is set to mark an integral chapter of the MCU’s fourth Phase. Given that the titular character ultimately met her end in the climactic Avengers, sacrificing herself in order to summon the Soul Stone, many have correctly deduced that Black Widow would be a prequel. Now, thanks to the emergence of several new on-set photos (which arrived using Red Room-esque espionage), we have a better idea as to what we can expect – not only within the upcoming film, but where the MCU’s greater future is concerned. 

With the film currently filming in Budapest, a curious fan has managed to snag a few photos, one of which depicts a pair of wooden boxes. On each box reads a name: Natasha and Yelena. The latter already has fans in a fervent state, as Yelena Belova’s comic-book counterpart has been a longtime favorite. As a result, fans have speculated that actress Florence Pugh will be handling the role, though Marvel has yet to confirm. Of course, Belova has become a fan favorite for a reason, having enjoyed a longstanding run in her own right.

A former veteran of the Red Room, in which Natasha was also trained, Yelena was originally introduced as Black Widow’s enemy. Eventually, the pair found common ground and developed a sense of mutual respect. In the comics, Natasha ultimately passed away like her cinematic counterpart, leaving Yelena to pick up the Black Widow mantle. Perhaps Kevin Feig and the MCU have all intentions on following suit; after all, Pugh is a respectable name, having starred in films like Midsommar and Fighting With My Family, and it stands to reason they’d like to keep her in the fold. Considering the current Avengers are basically reshuffled in a post-Steve Rogers lineup, perhaps a Black Widow 2.0 is exactly what the doctor ordered. Given the MCU’s ever-evolving nature, who knows what the future has in store?