Back in February, NBA Youngboy & his baby mama were involved in an altercation with some housemaids at an Atlanta hotel which resulted in NBA getting arrested. Apparently the Louisiana rapper & his baby mama, Starr Thigpen, were hanging out in a hotel room that was supposed to be vacant. When housekeeping entered the room, NBA Youngboy told his girl to kick them out, but instead she ended up taking things a little further. Thigpen allegedly attacked the maids, hitting one in the face, and as a result the police were called. NBA Youngboy was then arrested for possessing less than an ounce of marijuana, “use of fighting words,” and physical obstruction with another.

Well fast forward to today, and footage from the police body cam has surfaced online, and it shows the police getting unnecessarily rough with the Baton Rouge rapper & his baby mama. Footage shows NBA & Thigpen clearly agitated, and things escalate from there when police pull out their tasers and won’t allow them to see their baby. In fact, one cop had Youngboy pinned against the wall while another had his taser aimed at Youngboy’s groin, threatening to shoot him in the genitals if he didn’t calm down. Thankfully, cooler heads eventually prevailed and prosecutors didn’t prosecute him on the misdemeanor charges.

Check out the rather shocking footage (below).