Slim 400, the rapper who collaborated with his close friends YG and Sad Boy Loko on the track “Bruisin,” was reportedly shot on Friday evening. TMZ reports that the incident occurred at 8:30 p.m. in Compton, however not many other details have been made readily available. Law enforcement officials have shared that there was a black vehicle seen leaving the scene and police are attempting to locate the suspect or suspects.

There is no clear motive behind the attack, but Adam22 tweeted that the rapper had been shot 10 times. Adam22 later gave an update by sharing a screenshot of a text conversation. “Slim got shot 10 times on Spruce St. He’s at St. Francis,” the first person wrote. “How bad,” the second person asked. “Don’t know,” the first person replies. They added, “He in surgery face & back bullets went in & out.”

Send prayers up for the up-and-coming artist as he’s fighting for his life. We’re hoping that he’s able to pull through and we send all of our support to his friends and family.