It’s always beautiful when entertainers and entrepreneurs create opportunities for others to thrive, especially the youth. Pharrell Williams’s philanthropic efforts are well-known, but now the multi-platinum recording artist has promised to give graduating Harlem Children’s Zone Promise Academy High School students a chance of a lifetime.

There is a countless number of aspiring entertainers and professionals who are clamoring at the chance to work for Pharrell, and now 114 graduating seniors have been given the opportunity. Every student was reportedly accepted into college and during his commencement speech, Pharrell surprised them with an announcement.

“So let me be clear, every member of the 2019 graduating class, is guaranteed an internship waiting for them, you, next summer,” Pharrell said in a video posted by the school. “The world is watching, Harlem, but this renaissance will be different. Believe it or not, with respect, it’s gonna actually be better. The reason why is because the new Harlem Renaissance has education at its core.”

He continued, “It’s one thing to be ‘woke,’ another to be awake, leaned in and engaged.” Check out a portion of his speech below.