Safaree Samuels got exposed a few days back when his ex Gabrielle Davis shared text messages she received from Safaree where he claimed to still be in love with her and how he didn’t want to marry Erica Mena. The exchange shows Gabrielle questioning why Safaree was sending such texts considering his engagement. “Cuz I know what I want,” he responded to her inquiry. 

Randy Shropshire/Getty Images 

Safaree took to social media to share his apology to Erica, claiming he’s never been more in love. “This is not a loss I would be able to handle.. I’ve lost a lot b4 and dealt with it.. but seriously I cannot lose you. I have never felt so complete in my life and that feeling will be gone if I lose you. You are my everything and I cant see my future without you. Please Erica,” he wrote on Twitter. 

It looks as though his words have gone a long way since he and Erica are now on good terms. Safaree shared an image to Instagram with him and Erica posted up together looking like they’re back to their obsessed ways. “Sorry to crush you guys in her DM’s dreams but I’m still here 😩❤️❤️🍆😇 #yallsavages 😂😂” he captioned the picture.