Is anybody surprised? Azealia Banks loves to shock people. She’ll come forward with some scathing opinions, drop very raunchy songs and try out dramatic new looks from time to time. A few weeks ago, the rapper shared several photos of herself without eyebrows. Once they grew back though, Azealia decided that it was time to go for something different and perhaps even more shocking. The artist uploaded a shot of herself with rainbow-colored hair and freaky pink contact lenses.

Karl Walter/Getty Images

Banks is somebody that loves to push boundaries any chance she gets. If she has an idea in her mind, she’ll go for it and she’ll put in 100% of her effort. Today, she woke up and decided she wanted to look a little different. Instead of trying out a different shade of make-up or copping some new picks for her wardrobe, the star went all-out, sporting rainbow tresses à la 6ix9ine and popping some pink contact lenses in her eyes. Her fans are actually feeling the new look too, which is something Azealia was worried about. She commented on the post: “Lol I thought you guys would hate this look and ask if I’ve taken acid again but thankfully you like it.”

If there’s one thing that Azealia Banks is, it’s true to herself. She doesn’t care what people think of her and she’ll continue to do her every day.