In case you missed the big news, a 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit southern California today and it left many people confused as to what had just occurred. FS1’s Colin Cowherd was one of the many people affected by the earthquake as he was in the middle of his show when it happened. His FS1 program The Herd airs from Noon until 3 P.M. and is always taped live so if something interesting occurs, it’s going to make it to the airwaves. During a segment about Kawhi Leonard’s canceled meeting with the Knicks, the camera started shaking along with the set and Cowherd’s desk.

This led to some disorientation until the shaking eventually stopped. “Uh, we are having an earthquake in Los Angeles,” Cowherd said. “I thought somebody was grabbing my desk. I’ve never been in an earthquake, certainly not on the air. We’ll take a break. We just had a little earthquake.”

The show’s official Twitter account joked that perhaps the earthquake was caused by Leonard’s free agency decision that unfortunately, won’t be coming today.

As for Cowherd, he was able to continue to his show without any more interruptions which is definitely a blessing for him and his crew. 

We hope everyone in California was able to stay safe during the earthquake as they can tend to be a scary experience.