DaBaby is currently one of the hottest rappers right now with “Suge” taking over the airwaves. Unfortunately, his rise to the top hasn’t gone down without issues. Earlier this year, a viral video of the rapper’s security team beating down a fan who asked for a photo went viral. The beat down happened right before DaBaby was set to hit the stage but once the incident went down, he left the venue before his performance. Now, he’s facing legal action from the promoter who claims that DaBaby screwed them out of a ton of cash.

According to TMZ, DaBaby will have to face Nothing To Something ENTertainment in court for failure to show up to a scheduled performance. The promoters accused Baby of running them up out of thousands of dollars. They said the rapper received money up front for the performance and the company also spent thousands of dollars in order to promote the concert. Unfortunately, the incident with the alleged victim prompted the rapper and his team to leave due to safety concerns. The promoters didn’t actually get too frustrated with DaBaby for bailing, instead, giving him the option to reschedule the performance. Since DaBaby didn’t actually agree to reschedule the show, the promoters are now taking him to court for breach of contract. 

A few weeks ago, the alleged victim also sued DaBaby and his crew for the assault, claiming that he suffered severe injuries to his head, neck, and his spine.