If you aren’t already aware, social media has no chill. While interacting online can be a positive thing as strangers from around the world connect with one another, many use it as a tool to spread negativity and hate. No one is safe from the internet trolls, and model-rapper Alexis Skyy is used to people sending her nasty messages. When she was pregnant with rapper Fetty Wap’s baby, people accused her of trying to make money off of the “Trap Queen” star. There was gossip about paternity, and since Baby Alaiya was born with hydrocephalus, people have the cruelest things about her. The little girl has had multiple surgeries and has been in and out of the hospital, but Skyy has remained strong through it all.

Skyy, like many mothers, loves to share photos of her daughter on social media, but she recently announced that she’s not going to do that anymore. The hurtful messages she receives about her daughter have taken their toll. She shared a screenshot of someone who apparently DM’d her to tell her that her child was ugly and she shouldn’t share any more photos of her baby. “I’m about to stop posting my daughter and it brings tears to my eyes that my little innocent angel fought her way into this life..and people sending me evil messages about her it’s so sad she is a child,” she wrote. “Say what you want about me not my baby. It’s but so much ima take from this Instagram sh*t I’m already standing 10 toes strong!! F*ck I’m human just like F*cking y’all!!!

Skyy also stated, “This sh*t is going to STOP!! It’s so sad I can’t even enjoy motherhood I’m getting attacked non stop for f*cking what in human I’ve done nothing but be the best mother to my baby girl and it’s really hurtful I stay so strong and lately I don’t even respond to things! I can’t I won’t be posting her no more.”