Just 2 days ago, we reported on the bizzare video that had recently gone viral which showed a young woman pulling a “prank” at a Walmart store in Texas. The video previews the woman – egged on by the man behind the camera – taking a tub of Bluebell ice cream out of the store’s freezer, lickick all the way across the top, covering it, and proceeding to place it back in the freezer, laughing as she makes a quick exit. The public was rightfully outraged at the clip, and what started as an unsanitary prank has turned into a legal case, with Walmart partnering with Bluebell and authorities to swiftly identify the female suspect. “Food tampering is not a joke,” they stated, “and we will not tolerate tampering with our products.” 

Now, the plot has thickened as the woman in question has been identified, and revealed to be a minor. This revelation of this information could definitely change the up to 20-year sentence she was originally potentially facing. According to Fox 5 Atlanta, the couple has come forward and “admitted to the act.” After Luftin, Texas authorities allegedly spoke with the suspect and her boyfriend, they discovered that she hails from San Antonio, but is linked to the Lufkin area through her boyfriend. Due to the fact that she is under age, her name will not be released to the public, and her case has been handed over to the Texas Juvenile Justice Department, who will further decide what charges she may face. As for her boyfriend, who is not a minor himself, police are still deciding whether he will face any charges for his role in the incident.