The way that Billie Eilish absolutely took over the music industry is pretty insane. One day, she was a teenager making angsty music for her limited fanbase and the next, she was picked up by her label and is reaching millions of people around the world. Her album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? is one of the highest-selling bodies of work this year and it’s bound to stay put on many year-end lists come December. She’s known for her alternative style, wearing oversized t-shirts and keeping people guessing about what she’ll look like the next time she hits the stage. She decided to make a pretty drastic change recently, dyeing her hair neon green and pairing the look with an equally flashy shirt, goofy sunglasses and heavy chains.

Jim Bennett/Getty Images

Billie quoted her own song “Bury A Friend” when she uploaded a photo of herself draped in highlighter green, asking, “what do you want from me?” Her comments section has been filled with responses ranging from new music, a follow-back, marriage and more. The general response to her hair is positive, with many writing that she’s the coolest person to pop up on their timelines every day. Not many people can pull this off. Billie Eilish is certainly a rare breed.