Kanye West is still fighting to get the lawsuit surrounding his 2016 album The Life of Pablo dismissed. As we previously posted, Ye grabbed a voice clip from a video of a little girl praying in a car to use as the intro for the album’s first track “Ultra Lightbeam.” Kanye cleared the sample with the girl’s biological parents but it wasn’t until after that the girl’s adoptive parents sued Kanye, detailing in their lawsuit how they have the rights to the sample. 

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Andrew and Shirley Green adopted Natalie in 2012 and while Kanye seemingly had no intentions of going to the wrong party to get the sample, it has come back to haunt him. The Blast now reports that Kanye is fighting to get the case by Andrew and Shirley dismissed and admits to no wrongdoing. He’s also asking the parents to cover his legal bills. It seems as though Kanye has stated that his lawyer is the one who reached out to Natalie’s biological mother, so the issue with the lawsuit could be a mistake made by his legal team. 

There’s no word on just what kind of damages Andrew and Shirley are asking to be covered but at the moment the case is still ongoing.