The biggest album to have released last night goes to Ed Sheeran. While we wouldn’t normally promote an Ed Sheeran project too heavily (our name is still HotNewHipHop, after all) there are so many rappers and hip-hop icons on No.6 Collaborations Project that we’ll be diving into this album all weekend long. The U.K. gets some local love with Stormzy on “Take Me Back To London” while heavy hitters Meek Mill and Travis Scott also grace the liner notes. The most anticipated single from No.6 though has to be “Remember the Name” with Eminem and 50 Cent. The moment that song was announced to the world, we all marked our calendars and waited patiently for its release. Finally, it’s arrived and Em knows just how badly we were waiting for it.

The trio posted a photo to social media today, celebrating their iconic team-up by embracing the plaques Eminem earned from Revival. Marshall posted the picture to his own page, detailing how he is fully aware how much the fans wanted this song. “They’ve been PATIENTLY WAITING for the new one with me, @50cent and @teddysphotos #RememberTheName.”

Just hearing 50 Cent and Eminem together on the same record in 2019 is heartwarming. The addition of Ed Sheeran may seem odd on paper but it actually works out. The crew ended up with a solid hit. Check it out below.