NBA Summer League is in full swing and an array of prospects are trying to earn their way onto opening day rosters. The Boston Celtics have two interesting young players in Carsen Edwards and Tacko Fall. Neither of these players was drafted although they eventually got signed to contracts. What’s interesting about both of these players is they are simultaneously the shortest and tallest players in Summer League. For instance, Edwards is 5’10, while Tacko Fall is 7’6. They have both been impressive throughout their last couple of games and whenever they’re on the court together, fans get excited.

The images that have come out of the two have been quite striking as its quite obvious just how different their sizes are. Edwards looks like a child next to Tacko who is one of the 40 tallest people in the entire world. In many ways, they look like the Washington Bullets duo of Manute Bol and Mugsy Bogues who had an infamous height difference of 2 feet and 4 inches.

Basketball fans are already taking to Twitter with jokes about the two and in honesty, they’re pretty hilarious. Unfortunately for Edwards, he’s already being compared to the infamous bagel man who went viral yesterday. Jokes are fine but they really didn’t have to do him dirty like that.