Within hours of letting off a series of reactionary Tweets on Friday morning, Cardi B was back on social media come nightfall, doubly-exposed to accusations that painted her a rapist, opportunist back in her stripper days. The allegations against Cardi B first came to light in earlier in 2019, when an old video resurfaced, where she allegedly talks of drugging men, only to rob them in their inebriated state. Friday night’s Insta live session allowed her a second chance in 24 years for her set the record straight, on where she may have been misquoted.

“I have a past that I can’t change—we all do,” she began. “I don’t like when people be trying to call me a rapist…I don’t like that shit. Because people tried to dig up something and make it something that I didn’t do.”

Worth noting: Cardi B hasn’t rebuked the fact that she once robbed these men, only the accusations of impairing their judgment, intoxicating them, or sexually assaulting them in any way. “I never touched nobody, I never fucked nobody,” she added following her assertion that she above all, is not a rapist. “And rape is when you fuck somebody without their consent or without asking.” 

Not to mention, Cardi B postulated that given her popularity in the NY circuit, johns and other patrons alike would have “found her out” in record time, had she resorted to drugging the men soliciting her services.

“Bitches don’t have to put shit in n—as’ drinks, these n—as be going to [the] club getting drunk and getting high,” she explained. “I never put shit in n—as’ drinks. Yeah, I went through n—as’ pockets. A lot of you bitches be going through n—as’ pockets for $40 to catch a cab ’cause a n—a don’t want to give you that.”