A$AP Rocky is currently sitting in a jail cell in Sweden, and has been there for about three weeks. Rocky was detained after an altercation which was caught on camera. The first footage to hit the internet seemed to show Rocky and his crew tossing and beating up a man. Once more videos were released online, it changed the perspective and appeared to highlight the man being attacked as the instigator. The arrest of Rocky has become an international incident, and now even Donald Trump is involved in the process of trying to get A$Rocky freed. 

The Swedish authorities are seemingly scoffing at the idea that Trump can change the situation, since there is no bail offered in the country. “If you live in a country where bail is possible, I understand you’d be surprised,” Linnea Wegerstad, a lecturer in criminal law at Lund University in Sweden told The New York TimesTypically, they do not keep people locked up before trial unless they fall under 4 circumstances. A$AP Rocky is being labeled a flight risk, which is one of the four circumstances that would allow the Swedish government to keep someone locked up before a trial. The other three circumstances are if there is a risk they will reoffend, if there is a risk they may try to interfere with an investigation, and if the crime is severe. 

TMZ caught up with Dave East and asked him about the situation. When questioned about his support for his fellow New Yorker, East backed Rocky with pride. East was then pressed on the fact that G-Eazy was detained and released within 2 days in the same country. Some believe that alone showed systemic racism, and East agreed. “We Black, we got tats, braids, we smell like weed. But we got money so… anybody that’s not used to that is gonna have something to say.” Although East stands for his brother Rocky, he admits that he’s in no hurry to join a boycott of Sweden. “If Sweden got money for me, I’m out there,” East stated. Check out the video below.