At one point during the year, it almost seemed as though we would never hear the end of popular children’s song “Baby Shark.” The incessant track was playing absolutely EVERYWHERE, from celebrity kid’s birthday parties to the clubs (they played the song in the freaking club), to no end. Whenever things start to die down just a little bit, we are once again reminded that this track exists, and that it’s probably going to pop back up every now and then, and well, we’re just going to have to accept it. Even just recently, Ciara took to posting a video of her milly rocking to a remix of the tune, and while Ciara can make most anything look good, we have to admit it was pretty cheesy – maybe I’m just saying that because I still have the song in my head. Despite its tediousness though, the song admittedly continues to bring a smile to children all around the globe – so we can’t complain toooo much – but now, news has arrived that for the first time ever it will be used for a bad cause.

Officials in West Palm Beach are hoping that if they play the track on a continuous loop, it’s going to help prevent homeless people from sleeping on the patio of a city-owned rental banquet facility. For this reason, they’ve taken to playing the tune throughout the night at the recreational area. Additionally to playing “Baby Shark,” the loop also features another popular kid’s song: “Raining Tacos.” Intended as just a temporary fix, the evil plan will just be put in place while the city works on formalizing hours for the facility, which they hope in turn, will help make trespassing laws enforceable.