She’s given little sneak peeks of her boyfriend, but Keke Palmer has decided to keep her romance, for the most part, under wraps. The multihyphenate entertainer recently took to social media to give the world a better look at her man and the couple even kissed on camera, but the reaction to Keke’s relationship wasn’t all positive. Her fans wished her nothing but happiness, but others had a few words about her being in an interracial relationship with a White man.

Keke tweeted, “I see a lot of people living one way but voted another,” to which a Twitter user replied, “Like you?” The actress took the time to engage and said, “Sorry sis. I’m not in the mood for pseudo share rn lol.” So, the person explained their tweet.

“Oh it’s no shade at all love. I still rocks with you… but you kissing that colonizer etc just wasn’t the move in this time right now,” the Twitter user told Keke Palmer. “But again if it’s not that than that’s on me I’m grown to admit that.” Keke still refused to get into a back-and-forth spat with the woman and shut down the conversation by writing, “Lil I’m sad this was what you chose to tweet me about. Girlllll God bless.” Check out the brief chat below.