This week, gamers will be given the experience of a lifetime as the PlayStation 5 will be launched to the world. Fans have been waiting months for the new console and they can’t wait to see what the next generation of gaming will have in store for them. The PlayStation 5 promises to bring forth a ton of great launch titles and there will also be some next-gen ports of already-established games. With this in mind, it is easy to see why people would be excited.

One of the games to receive a PlayStation 5 port is none other than NBA 2K21. In fact, one of the main men behind the game, Ronnie Singh, has been showing off some teasers of the new graphics that are in store. As it turns out, Travis Scott will be one of the first to experience these graphics as Ronnie gifted him with one of the first copies to be produced.

“This is the biggest launch in 2K’s history and always great innovating with PlayStation’s strategic creative partner and my good friend. Had to get him one of the first printed copies in the world. Only up from here on that PS5!” Ronnie wrote in regard to Travis.

The Astroworld rapper is currently in the midst of a creative partnership with Sony so it only makes sense that the artist would receive such a perk. On November 12th, everyone else will be able to experience the same thing as Scott, so hold tight just a few more days.

Travis scott

Rich Fury/Getty Images