The talk show life continues for Fat Joe as he recently chatted with Kehlani for his Instagram Live series The Fat Joe Show. The rapper and the R&B singer chopped it up about a variety of music-related topics while also touching on Kehlani’s personal life. She spoke about her rise in the music scene and being involved in the industry for five years now, and Joe wanted to know who the Bay Area artist would place in her Top 5 list of R&B singers. Well, he gave her a choice of sharing her top rappers or top R&B artists, and she went for the latter.

Kehlani, Fat Joe, The Fat Joe Show, Top 5
Tommaso Boddi / Stringer / Getty Images

“Neo-soul was my sh*t,” Kehlani said before naming her favorites. “Musiq Soulchild—this not in any order. Musiq Soulchild, India Arie, Brandy, Jill Scott…I got one more.” Her final choice? “Mariah Carey.” After sharing how he “slept on Mariah” for a while because he felt too “hood” to listen to her music, Fat Joe decided to share his top R&B artists, as well.

“I think Luther [Vandross], [Michael Jackson], Stephanie Mills…it always changes toward the end,” said Fat Joe. “Babyface… Sade is right there though. Sade’s in a six, but she’s right there. I’m more of an R&B guy than a Hip Hop guy.” Watch Kehlani‘s interview with Fat Joe below.