The Cactus Jack brand has jumped leaps and bounds ahead of what it initially was, collaborating with some of the largest brands in the world to roll out original and innovative campaigns. Travis Scott is at the head, dedicating his creativity to the marketing side of things, working with McDonald’s, Nike, Land Rover, Fortnite, and more on exclusive releases

Now, he adds Sony and PS5 to the list.

Jean Baptiste Lacroix/Getty Images

Premiering his unboxing experience last night, Travis Scott traveled to a faraway land on the PS5 to enjoy some of the game’s new releases. The console is officially available now, with Travis starting out the Cactus Jack adventure in the desert, facing a massive screen with a PS5 in front of him. We naturally transition to the rapper inside of a military-esque truck, where he waits to hand out consoles to a couple of teenagers from South Central, LA. He games with them before we lead into the performance part of the experience, featuring James Blake.

Finally, a tribute to Pop Smoke closes out the show, showing the two together with “GATTI” playing in the background, ending the performance sequence.

This has to be the most innovative unboxing video you’ve ever seen. 

In addition to this, Travis also reloaded his merch store with tons of offerings from a Cactus Jack x PS5 collaboration, including a sneaker giveaway to a number of lucky fans.

Watch the experience above.