2020 has been a shitshow for the majority of the people on the planet but not so much for Travis Scott. The rapper has been pretty much expanding the Cactus Jack brand in many ways. He was among the first to host a virtual concert with Fortnite, and his collaborations with McDonald’s and Air Jordan have been nothing short of successful.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

And with all of the blessings he’s received this year, he’s giving back to his fans with the newly launched Cactus Jack foundation. The rapper’s philanthropic arm of the Cactus Jack brand focuses on providing resources and education to young creatives and students in Houston, TX. 

The launch was kicked off with its first initiative, the HBCU Waymon Webster program that helps cover tuition fees for students struggling in the pandemic. Named after his grandfather who went to HBCU Prairie View A&M University in Texas, the scholarship fund has accepted students who attend Morehouse College, Howard University, Texas Southern University, Grambling State University, as well as Scott’s granddad’s university.

“Waymon Webster was a dean of the Prairie View A&M graduate school,” Scott said in a statement. “My grandfather wanted me to take it all the way through college. I feel there is a power in education so to be able to give someone the opportunity to fulfill that dream as my papa thought for me is amazing.”

Shout out to Travis Scott one time for this dope initiative.