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Willie The Kid and V Don have been two of the busiest names in underground rap this year. Willie released his project, Capital Gains while V Don dropped off Black Mass recently, as well. Now, the two are joining forces for t a new project titled, Deutsche Marks 2. The two artists slid through with a brand new collab titled, “Mothers Of Pearl” ft. Eto. V Don’s penchant for boom-bap production delivers late 90s gangsta rap vibes while Willie The Kid and Eto tackle the production with fiery flows.

“Another great art piece full of gems.  Very mature and zero skips” V Don commented. “You can just hop in the whip and let it play straight through.” 

“We are setting the bar,” added Wilie.

Quotable Lyrics
Fuck a buzz, longevity my testimony
Consistent, my n***as focused no recidivism
Never the less, you can still become a shooting victim

Article written by Aron A. #HotNewHipHop