It’s safe to say that, after weeks of having their names pieced together in gossip-y headlines, Future and Dess Dior are a couple.

They’ve been spotted moving in the same circles for the last few weeks ever since Future called things off with Lori Harvey. Dess Dior is Jayda Cheaves’ best friend, and the two have been partying with Lil Baby and Future as of late. Dess has low-key been dropping hints that she’s with Fewtch, popping up with a new AP on her wrist and being spotted with the rapper in the background of her pictures, but now they’re officially confirming it.

A new picture posted to Dess Dior’s Instagram Stories is unapologetic in revealing to the world that she’s dating the superstar rapper from Atlanta. In the photo, the two stand in the bathroom mirror and Future is too mesmerized by Dess Dior’s booty to even look up for the picture, grabbing a handful of ass and looking down at it.

The picture was re-posted on The Shade Room and, as you would likely expect, commenters are going in on the couple, urging Dess to throw some boundaries at the rapper, who already has a bunch of kids that he actively tries not to provide for.

Now that they’re official, do you think they make a nice couple? Or did you prefer Future with Lori Harvey?

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