Kelsey Nicole is best-known as being Megan Thee Stallion‘s ex-best friend. At the beginning of this year, the two were inseparable, popping up constantly in pictures together and attending parties as a unit. They were seemingly close as could be. Then, in July, everything turned to dust after Megan was shot in her feet following a house party in the Hollywood Hills. Kelsey was a witness to what happened, keeping her mouth shut about it all as Megan went on to accuse Tory Lanez of firing a gun at her.

Many months have passed since the traumatic incident and we’ve heard both sides of the story, but Kelsey still remained silent. Megan accused her former friend of accepting hush money from Tory, calling her out on her new album, which is something that Tory’s lawyers have denied. 

With there still being an open legal case surrounding this situation, where Tory is facing a long time in prison should he be proven guilty, Kelsey is finally speaking up in the form of a diss record against Megan. While many would see this as beneficial to Tory, new information presented in the song could actually be detrimental to the case, as many are theorizing.

Twitter is going crazy for Kelsey’s new song, and it’s not because she recorded the new “Ether”. Her delivery is questionable for the most part and she definitely doesn’t have the same charisma as Megan, but Kelsey says some things that people are taking into account, weighing the new info and seeing how it could affect the case.

Some people are stating that, with Kelsey’s track, there’s a possibility that Kelsey was blackmailed into taking Tory’s side over a sex tape that could potentially have been leaked. Others are arguing that, because Kelsey denies shooting her friend, it’s even more clear that Tory was the triggerman.

All will eventually come to light… we hope.

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