Travis Scott hates showing his face in pictures. At least, that much is clear from the way he consistently poses when the camera flashes.

Whether he’s on the red carpet, filming a music video, or just posting pictures to the ‘Gram, one thing has remained constant with Travis Scott from the jump. The man is always blocking his face — either with his hand or by other means. It’s become a running joke, and it’s synonymous enough with his image that, when he isn’t looking down in a photo, he gets articles written about him.

Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

La Flame is celebrating Thanksgiving with family, posting a gallery of images from around the house to keep his fans engaged. Fans have noticed a pair of high-heels lurking in one of the pictures, which likely means he’s with Kylie Jenner and their daughter Stormi Webster. What’s got people talking the most though is how happy the rapper looks.

Following his GRAMMY nomination for “HIGHEST IN THE ROOM”, Travis looks overjoyed, blocking out only a small portion of his face with his iPhone and smiling big for the camera. He’s casually wearing a white tee, rocking some understated bracelets around his wrist. 

It’s nice to see Travis’ face for once. In the other pictures, the exposure is either too low, or he’s back to keeping his hand in front of his visage, so this is definitely a rare occasion.

One may even call it a Thanksgiving miracle…