With both rappers making their names in the streets of Chicago, Lil Reese and King Von have crossed paths in the last few years. They didn’t necessarily always run in the same circles, but they did enjoy some time together before Von’s tragic shooting death several weeks ago. Lil Reese remains pretty shaken up about what happened, but he’s looking back on some of his finer moments with the rising star, posting a tribute to Von on Twitter.

“LLV we real block stars who made it from same hood from nothing,” said Lil Reese, who also grew up around O’Block. “Sorry I wasn’t dere wit you gang til infinity.”

The video attached shows Lil Reese hanging out with King Von and his boys. He counts money as Von peers at his phone in the background.

As King Von’s popularity continues to grow following his death, adult film star Teanna Trump is clearly a fan of the late rapper, citing his hit song “Took Her To The O” and tweeting: “Somebody take me to the O”. 

A lot of men have offered to take Teanna on a tour of the neighborhood, but Lil Reese wants first dibs, responding: “wya we got you”.

Do you think Lil Reese might see his day with Teanna Trump?