Meek Mill wants to work with Sony and Microsoft on an initiative that would make the next-generation gaming consoles easier to find in low-income areas, stressing the importance of video games in places like Philadelphia, as he says that gaming keeps kids “out of bad environments”.

If you’ve been shopping around for a new PS5 this holiday season, you know that it’s pretty near impossible to grab one. The console is re-selling for thousands as people can’t wait any longer to get their hands on one. The Xbox Series X has been equally difficult to buy, albeit slightly less stressful to shop for. 

Olly Curtis/Future Publishing via Getty Images

For some families that cannot afford to spend nearly a thousand dollars on a gaming console, the possibility to get the new system is even more difficult, as it entails securing the funds necessary before the actual purchasing process. Meek Mill wants to make it easier for everybody to find the PS5 or Xbox Series X in low-income neighborhoods, shooting his shot with Sony and Microsoft to hammer out a deal that would focus on “the hood”.

“Play station or Xbox should do a collab with us in the hood with those PS5’s and new Xbox’s this Christmas for the ones who can’t afford em,” suggested Meek on Twitter. “I’ll put up money…I do big toy drives in Philadelphia every year let me know.. them games keep them kids out of them bad environments!”

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This is a smart initiative from one of the biggest activists in the rap game. Shout-out to Meek Mill for once again putting his platform to good use.