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Yungeen Ace shows off his jewelry, designer goods, Air Force 1’s, and everything else in his bag.

Florida rapper Yungeen Ace has been making a name for himself in the music industry. His authentic music and raw lyrics are emotional and can relate to the struggle that so many people face. Pulling over 500 million streams on his catalog, Ace is looking to become the next big force out of Florida’s rap hub, watching his blessings rise.

And there have been lots of blessings. Over the years, we’ve seen Yungeen Ace turn from a relatively unknown rapper to a big star in the business. As his popularity has grown, so has his income. With that said, we needed to have him for a new episode of In My Bag, where he could freely flex all of the belongings that he keeps on his person when he’s traveling.

For starters, Ace had to show off his drip, going one-by-one on all of his chains, rings, watches, and more jewelry. Once he got through the entire pack, he finally got to his daily necessities, like gum. Ace claims that he goes through three-to-four packs of gum per day, calling it his “bad habit” and stating that, because he doesn’t smoke at all, he likes to chew gum to keep himself busy. Additionally, it seems like hygiene is definitely important for the rapper because, in his bag, he’s always storing soap and his toothbrush for whenever he needs them.

Ace quickly re-focused on his style, showing off two pairs of kicks: some white Air Force 1 Lows and Dior lows. While the latter is more hyped, Ace claims that he always needs to keep white Force’s on him, often buying out the store for every pair of size 9’s he can find.

Watch the brand new episode of In My Bag with Yungeen Ace for more.

Article written by Alex Zidel #HotNewHipHop