Much like how the public will theorize over dream matches in the boxing ring, Timbaland and Swizz Beatz have presented the world an opportunity to pit their favorite artists and rappers against each other on Verzuz. Kicking off the second season of the live-streamed phenomenon with Gucci Mane Vs. Jeezy, Timbo and Swizz are leaving the upcoming face-offs in the hands of the universe after they initially believed it wouldn’t be possible to bring those two men together. 

Fans of the series have been wondering which battles will follow, with some people joking about Drake’s potential opponents, and it looks like we could be inching closer to the eventual master-clash between two of music’s biggest legends ever: Dr. Dre and Diddy.

Lester Cohen/WireImage/Getty Images

During a recent segment of TMZ Live, Timbaland and Swizz Beatz spoke about their ultra-successful show with Instagram Live and Apple Music, touching on the possibility of a fight between Diddy and Dr. Dre, which might actually be in the works. Or, at least, Swizz seems semi-confident that it could shape out to be a legitimate thing.

After Harvey Levin asked Timbo if Diddy and Jay-Z was a possibility — to which they explained that there’s a “slim chance” of that happening — the hosts pondered whether that same match-up, except with Dr. Dre, was possible.

“Now that’s something different,” said Swizz, seemingly more hopeful that they could get both heavy hitters on the show. “Everybody has these magical wishes that they want [to see on Verzuz] but the universe has been bringing these magical wishes so I can’t even say what’s not gonna happen ’cause a lot of the Verzuz, just like the last one we’ve seen, everybody said that it couldn’t happen. Right? So now, we just let the universe naturally make things happen.”

He made it a point to leave this one up in the air, but it definitely feels like something could be in the works.

“I’m not gonna say no,” added Swizz about the possibility of Dr. Dre facing off against Diddy on the Verzuz stage. “I’m never gonna say no anymore.”