It looks like we might one day soon see The Game and 50 Cent go hit-for-hit on Verzuz. It seemed that it would never actually happen, especially since Fif didn’t even seem interested in participating on the platform. However, recent comments from both parties have suggested that it could actually go down.

In the same interview where The Game said he was down to face-off against 50 Cent, he also said that Drake is the only rapper who has more #1 albums than him. “It’s only one artist alive that has more No. 1 hip-hop albums than me, and that’s Drake, bro,” The Game said. “And, we can run it. That is Googleable. You can ask your favorite hip-hop critic. You can go check SoundScanner. Do what you gotta do, bro. I got 10 No. 1 albums. I think Drake has 10 or his last effort was 11. But, I mean, that’s Drake.”

On the Billboard 200, The Game has notched three #1 albums with The DocumentaryDoctor’s Advocate, and The R.E.D Album. Per Wikipedia, he’s tallied eight number one albums on Billboard’s US Hip-Hop & R&B album charts. He has the same amount of #1’s on the Billboard Rap Albums chart. Meanwhile, Drake has 9 on the Billboard US Hip Hop & R&B album charts. It’s worthy mentioning that even on the US Hip-Hop & R&B Albums, Jay-Z, has 11 and Lil Wayne has 10. It’s unclear how The Game measured album sales when he claimed he had 10 #1 albums. 

Check out the clip below at the 50 second mark.