There are plenty of mishaps that occur while on set, but accidentally firing off a gun isn’t common. Months ago, YFN Lucci was filming a music video when he was handed a gun for a scene. In a clip that went viral, Lucci is seen taking a close look at the firearm and after pulling the trigger a few times, the gun went off. He took some hits on social media including a jab from his foe Young Thug who even teased him a bit. Lucci recently explained what happened that day and was able to laugh about what went down.

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Cassidy Sparrow / Stringer / Getty Images

“I was shooting a video with GT and I had just shot a scene but I thought I need to change, put on a little Army fatigue sh*t,” Lucci explained to VladTV. “Everybody else had it on. I’m like damn, you want me to [handle] a gun or something? They’re like, what you want?… I’m thinking they bringing me a fake gun. When I get it, I’m like, I ain’t never seen no sh*t like this.”

Lucci said he just played around with the gun and “cocked it back ’cause they look real. I’m thinking it’s fake.” He explained that’s why he looked to be inspecting it in the viral video while someone apparently told him not to cock the gun back. “It got stuck so I was aiming it at the ground and I just hit it,” he continued. “I didn’t think nothing was in it. It shot. I was like, that’s why you said don’t cock it back.”

Lucci is able to laugh about the experience now and said for a brief moment he thought he may have shot someone in the foot. He added that he made sure to aim at the ground just in case it wasn’t a fake gun as he thought, and he’s thankful he did. Vlad wanted to know why someone would hand over a loaded weapon while on set for a music video.

“It was for the scene. He didn’t think I was gonna pull the trigger or nothin’,” said the rapper. “I can’t blame him neither.” Watch Lucci speak about the surprising moment below.