The legend of BMF and Big Meech has rarely been captured on camera. The stories have passed through word of mouth of those who’ve been fortunate enough to experience the wild parties thrown by BMF but there’s hardly ever any evidence of what went down. You kind of just have to believe it.

Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

Bun Bsat down with HNHH for our 12 Days Of Christmas interview series where he went into depth about everything from politics to his favorite drops of the year, as well as some tales from hanging out with Big Meech and the Black Mafia Family. On one occasion, he was at an Atlanta hangout spot on a Sunday evening — a simple nightclub — where he witnessed BMF throw $20K “for no reason.” “That doesn’t even speak to what they would do in strip clubs in that city,” he added.

Bun and Big Meech had a tight relationship, so inevitably, he was invited to the infamous birthday party at the Compound where there were live animals, including a giraffe.

“Meech’s birthday party at the Compound is probably the craziest thing I will ever personally bore witness to. ‘Cause there’s animals. Like, it’s not just a giraffe. There’s a monkey. There’s some other shit but I had never seen a giraffe before in person,” he said but ultimately, it was the reflection of the lifestyle.

“Meech’s life was like an infomercial,” he continued. “It was like, ‘We’re balling. You can be ballin’, too. Everybody’s woman is taken care of. Everybody’s kids are in a good school.’… To be so much larger than life and be down to earth at the same time. And it was never about Meech. It was always about us.”

What apparently not many people know is that Meech was returning the favor to Bun when he was arrested. The UGK rapper explained that Big Meech was heading to his birthday after Bun had attended many of there’s.

“A lot of people don’t know, Meech was on his way to my birthday party when he went to jail,” he said. “Meech was arrested in Dallas. Meech was on his way to Houston for my birthday party. Because he was like, ‘You always with us when we party for our birthdays. We comin’ to party with you. So, we comin’ to show Houston how BMF gets down.’ And I was really excited for people to see it in person.”

Check out the clip below at the 1:07:00 mark.