Though a grown man boasting a vast fortune and one of hip-hop’s most influential sounds, Future remains refreshingly uncomplicated in his desires. Like many, he is content to engage in the pleasures often associated with young-adulthood, including the tried and true combination that has fueled many late-night benders and movie-watching sessions: marijuana and candy.

Future Gushers

Andrew Chin/Getty Images

Specifically Gushers, the beloved fruit snack that appears to have left a lasting impression on the self-declared WIZRD, currently in the throes of recording an album that may or may not be Monster 2. In fact, Future recently took to Instagram to give Gushers a glowing plug, demanding that they “send him a check or he will make his own PLUTOSNACKS.” 

Holding up a sack of Gushers while a futuristic banger plays in the background, Future proceeds to channel his inner marketing major. “Makes the weed taste a thousand times better,” he declares. “Thank me later. Uh-uh. Ain’t no back and forth. I just gave you free promo. Handle your business with me.” In other words, Future wants the bag, going so far as to hand the candy corporation a veiled ultimatum should they not acquiesce. Now, it’s unclear as to whether a theoretical Future-inspired fruit snack would pose a threat to such a beloved institution as Gushers, but one mustn’t make the mistake of underestimating the Atlanta rapper.  

Though he might have once styled himself Meathead, Future is anything but. Perhaps Gushers should step up and open the door for a conversation — next thing we know, Future will be on the way to becoming hip-hop’s first Willy Wonka.