Deshaun Watson has been the subject of a bevy of sexual assault allegations over the past week and it seems like the number of women coming forward continues to increase. Today, it was revealed that four more women had come forward with lawsuits against the Houston Texans star, bringing the number of suits up to seven. This afternoon, attorney Tony Buzbee held a press conference and came through with even more revelations.

In the clip below, Buzbee claims that he is about to file five more lawsuits against Watson and that he has 10 more women who are currently being interviewed. If Buzbee feels like their stories check out, Watson will have a total of 22 women bringing forth allegations against him.

“We are now representing 12 women and we will file 5 more cases in due course. We have spoken to more than 10 additional women, 22 women,” Buzbee said.

As Buzbee notes, these women all have similar stories related to being massage therapists who were assaulted by Watson during their services. Buzbee even claims that Watson assaulted one of the accusers following a separate instance in which Buzbee contacted Watson’s agent about any sort of misconduct. 

Watson and his team have denied all wrongdoing here, although Buzbee is adamant that the women are telling the truth. This is a story that continues to develop, so stay tuned as we will be sure to keep you informed.

Deshaun Watson

Carmen Mandato/Getty Images