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At BLUE MIDTOWN in New York on Thursday night (Apr. 27), Rémy Martin and iHeart media celebrated the 50th anniversary of hip-hop.

Hip-hop fans and culture aficionados came together to celebrate Remy Martin VSOP Mixtape Volume 3 Limited Edition, the third and final volume in Rémy Martin’s limited-edition trilogy that aims to highlight Mixtape culture, a critical movement in music and the hip-hop scene.

The night featured special appearances from Remy Martin’s Mixtape DJ colleagues, including Kool DJ Red Alert, DJ Cocoa Chanelle, and DJ Marley Marl. It was hosted by members of the Remy Martin DJ collective DJ Suss One and Gabe P. The Remy Ginger was one of the speciality drinks served to guests. DJ Suss One and DJ Whutever provided the music, and Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock surprised everyone by performing.

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Rémy Martin has praised hip-hop and mixtape culture throughout the duration of the Mixtape campaign. They commemorated the beginning of hip-hop and its cultural influence in Volume 1. Finally, Volume 3 is the pinnacle of hip-hop’s 50th anniversary celebration. For Volume 2, they paid respect to the vitality of US hip-hop culture.

Through innovative alliances with iHeartMedia and the Universal Hip Hop Museum, the VSOP Mixtape Vol. 3 Limited Edition will continue to commemorate 50 years of hip-hop and mixtape culture in 2023. Participants who interact with the murals can scan QR codes in a partnership with iHeartMedia now through July 2023 for a chance to win two tickets to the Rémy Martin Mixtape celebrations in participating cities.

The Rémy Martin Mixtape Street Art Museum, a first for the company, is a touring exhibition that features eight legendary DJs that had a major influence on the development of mixtape culture. These talents consist of From Harlem, New York, Kool DJ Red Alert, regarded as one of the pioneers of hip-hop music and culture, DJ Cocoa Chanelle – Rapper, producer, radio personality, award-winning DJ, and renowned “turntablist;” DJ Spinderella – Brooklyn’s own GRAMMY Award-winning DJ, producer, actor, rapper, writer, and global “turntablist;” DJ Marley Marl, a rapper, DJ, and one of the best super producers in hip-hop, West Coast rapper, record producer, and director DJ Yella is from Los Angeles. One of the South’s most well-known mixtape DJs is DJ Jelly. One of the best DJs in Chicago, DJ Jay illa serves as the official dj for Meta and the Chicago Bears. DJ Shortkut is a renowned DJ and world-class “turntablist” from the Bay Area.

These eight giants will be remembered with one-of-a-kind murals all across New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, and San Francisco, thanks to a creative concept by Fred & Farid New York and in partnership with Xia Gordon. The graphics will make use of A.R. technology, offering a viewing experience that is interactive and showcases the influence that each DJ has had over the course of their careers. Participants will be able to scan the unique QR codes incorporated into each of the mural designs as part of the immersive experience to gain a greater understanding of each DJ’s background and the influence they have had on modern music.

Article written by Shawn Grant #TheSource