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Actor Isaiah Washington shocked social media in a recent Instagram post where he shared he grew up in Texas around Klu Klux Klan members who were some of the best teachers and neighbors. He revealed that while his mother allowed their children in her home to eat, Washington wasn’t allowed to drink from their outside hose or allowed in their much smaller homes.

He wrote:

REPOST AFTER AN INSTAGRAM REMOVAL: I had some of the best elementary school teachers and even some neighbors that I knew were Klan Members back in Texas while growing up. I knew where They stood with me and They also knew where I stood with Them. The boundaries were verv, very clear and I still played with Their kids, I just couldn’t drink from Their outside water hose or come inside Their house to eat and Their houses were usually much smaller than what I grew up in. My mother never refused to let Their kids into her house to eat a summer lunch and drink from our vintage JFK water glasses. I can’t help but wonder today, if Their kids are vigorously supporting me as an actor today, simply because I showed Them love and respect as a true Texan and a true American. even when Their parents and grandparents forbid Them to reciprocate love and respect for me publicly to me back then, but I’m infamous now, I wonder…

Check out his deleted Instagram post below.


Article written by Courtneyb #TheSource