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Kanye West has returned to the news after his trending shoulder pads and sock shoes. Now the controversial Wests’ $57.25 million Malibu beachfront mansion may be left unfinished. According to The U.S. Sun, the expensive estate is at risk of permanent damage after the dissolution of his construction company last year. Following Kanye West’s anti-Semitic remarks, his Yeezy brand was reportedly discontinued by Adidas in October, leading to speculation of financial challenges for the rapper and entrepreneur.

The Tadao Ando-designed beachside house was initially captivating and a symbol of artistic brilliance. In September 2021, Ye acquired a 4,000-square-foot oceanfront property featuring expansive windows with breathtaking sea views. He collaborated with renowned architect Tadao Ando and enlisted top contractors to supervise the extensive remodeling project. The U.S. Sun revealed that West closed down Yeezy Construction Inc. in November. This development suggests that the decaying mansion may remain in its current state indefinitely.

Photographs depict the deteriorated condition of the property. According to TMZ, West’s neighbors have stated that they have not seen any activity around the Malibu mansion for several months. The property is said to be “left to rot” as no ongoing maintenance is being conducted, despite the involvement of outside advisors that Ye had enlisted for the project.

Upon purchasing the stylish gray cube, West found that it was partially furnished with windows and primarily required internal renovations and a fresh coat of paint. Originally intended to be a unique combination of a residence and a sculpture, featuring a few of the limited number of Ando designs in the United States, West decided to completely gut the property. As a result, only the concrete structure and deteriorating balconies remain, while utility pipes have been left abandoned beneath the property, near the beach. West’s construction company was established in Wyoming, where he also acquired a $14 million ranch.

As West’s Tadao Ando-designed home faces potential collapse into the sea, his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, engages in productive discussions with Ando himself. During a recent trip to Japan, Kardashian met with Ando and revealed their involvement in a long-term “dream project” they have been working on for two years. She expressed anticipation for a groundbreaking venture in the near future.Ironically, while Kim Kardashian is actively collaborating with Ando, the Malibu mansion designed by the architect remains abandoned and in a state of disrepair.

Article written by Courtneyb #TheSource