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Social activist Shaun King is petitioning for your support in his battle against a painful nerve condition. Taking to social media, King asked his social media followers to help pay for medical procedures, believing insurance won’t cover the treatment for his “excruciating” pain.

NewsOne notes King is suffering from occipital neuralgia. He tells his Instagram followers it is “the worst pain I’ve experienced in my adult life.”

“It can hurt to talk, chew, even blink my eyes,” King wrote. “It can now hurt to touch my hair or even touch parts of my face. It’s awful.⁣”

Help could be just around the corner as medical professionals are believed to have “promising procedures,” but he “can’t afford to do them on my own.”

King did not specify an amount needed in his virtual tip jar, but the response on social media was less than flattering, as users highlighted his questionable past. You can see his ask here and see social media reactions below.

Article written by Shawn Grant #TheSource

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