Houston bombshell, Megan Thee Stallion, has been known for her charitable acts to fans in the past, so it’s no surprise that the “Big Ole Freak” rapper is a humanitarian at heart, but recent news reveals that she’s also an environmentally conscious queen. The booming rapper has already dubbed the coming months a “hot girl summer full of fun,” and now she’s hoping to add community service and environmentalism to the mix.

Megan took to Instagram and Twitter to share a sprinkling of tips and tricks for her and her hotties to stay green in their everyday lives moving forward, including using reusable bags, eating less meat and recycling. She hoped to open a two way engagement with her fans, who may have something to teach her, or one another, adding “if you’re already an eco friendly hottie please comment more ways to help,” to the post’s caption.

This isn’t the first time Meg has expressed her concern and activism towards the environment, as she appeared on Instagram live on Friday with a few ideas about how she and her fans can combat global warming whilst still having fun. “I’m thinking about organizing a little beach cleanup for all the hotties,” she pitched to her fans, “y’all gotta come in y’all bikinis and clean up some shit!” She went on to admit that she also wants to plant trees, but isn’t sure where to start. “I don’t know how much shit you have to go through to get permission to do that,” she wondered out loud. 

With a banging body, a mean talent for spitting flows, and a concern for the environment, it’s no wonder Thee Stallion is a few people’s WCW