Lying in music is a topic that has widely been discussed over the course of the last few years. However, it is usually brought up when it comes to lyrics that glorify violence, drugs, and gang activity. For instance, if an artist says they tote guns and kill people, yet have never done any of those things, they are criticized for not being authentic. This very concept of lying in one’s music is seldom brought up when it comes to mundane tasks such as cooking and cleaning, although now, Offset is making it an issue.

In the Megan Thee Stallion-assisted song “WAP,” Cardi B spits the line “I don’t cook, I don’t clean.” Well, it seems like Offset caught her in the act of doing one of those things recently as he filmed her while she was brooming up their bathroom. It was here that Offset poked fun at her saying that she is a liar who is telling falsehoods in her tracks. 

Cardi didn’t find Offset‘s antics as amusing as she told him she would punch him in the head if he didn’t stop. As one would imagine, he kept going with the gag before ending the video.

A few months ago, it was reported that Cardi B had filed for divorce from Offset although it’s clear that the two have reconciled and things are going just fine, in spite of these recent accusations of lying in one’s lyrics. As for their recent Halloween plans, Offset got to dress up as the main character from “The Mask,” while Cardi B was Medusa.

Offset & Cardi B

Amy Sussman/Getty Images