Late last week, Mulatto debuted her new “Beat Box” freestyle, rapping for almost a minute-straight about her star-studded feature history, her newfound success, and of course, light shots at other women rappers in the game. Fans specifically speculated the rapper was shading fellow female artist Renni Rucci, namely when she spit “…and ain’t nothing big about y’all h*es! So if the b*tch name ain’t Latto, don’t put ‘Big’ in front of it. Straight up.” They’ve since been taking shots at each other on their respective social media channels, with Mulatto using a Nicki Minaj verse to taunt the Rucci. 

Amid the beef, the “Muwop” artist shared a clip in her Instagram story of Nicki Minaj‘s memorable verse on the remix of YG‘s 2014 track “My N*gga.” “Drop a freestyle and get a rise out of bitches,” raps Nicki on the track. Rucci, whose current name on Instagram and Twitter is “The Biggest,” had back at the rapper for the suspected shade in the freestyle.   

Rucci had previously express she had no interest in hopping in beef with Latto, commenting, “if it ain’t directed it ain’t respected. lil mama popping it tho.” It seemed she may have had a change of heart because she later took to Twitter to express her dissatisfaction with the bar. 

“My social media names BEEN this we all rappers so let us rap watch out,” penned Rucci on her Twitter. Many questioned why Rucci had responded if the shade wasn’t “directed,” as she had previously commented. 

Right now, it’s hard to tell whether or not this beef will continue on, but right now it seems like both sides are playing it safe. We’ll keep you updated on the beef.